Java Persistence API

1.1 Introduction to JPA

The Java Persistence API, referred as JPA, is a Java programming language specification which describes the management of relational data in applications using Java Platform, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. JPA is designed for highly distributed applications, Especially web-enabled application. JPA was 1.0 introduced in Java EE 5 and JPA 2.0 is part of Java EE 6 standards.
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1.2 Why JPA

JPA is standardized specification and part of EJB3 specification, Number of free ORM frameworks are available which can be used to develop applications of any size, Application developed in JPA is portable across many servers and persistence products (ORM frameworks).
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1.3 JPA Implementation

To implement the JPA, first you have to configure it within your Eclipse. To configure you have to follow some steps which we earlier talk in Hibernate Configuration in Eclipse, Only one change you have to do here, that instead of hibernate.cfg.xml file you have to create persistence.xml file inside META-INF folder.
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