• PHP developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995.

  • PHP is an open source.

  • PHP is server-side technology, which means it doesn't run on the client, which is what a Web browser is.

  • PHP designed for Web site development.

  • PHP's default file extension is .php.

  • What is Server-side scripting? :
      Server-side scripting is about connecting Web sites to back-End servers, such as databases. Types of two-way communication :

    • Server to client: Web pages can be assemble from back end-server output.

    • Client to server: When customer enters information can be acted upon.
    Server side tasks

      Server-side scripting consist of two main parts:
    • Scripting language
    • Scripting engine (which may or not be built into the Web server).
    • The engine parses and interprets pages written in the language.

  • Speed :It is embedded in HTML code on websites , the time to process and load a Web page .

  • Stability :Stable means two different things - First the server doesn't need to be rebooted or restarted often. and software doesn't change radically and incompatibly from release to release.

  • Ease to use : PHP code is designed to be included easily in an HTML file for use in websites.

  • Open Source : It is free,generally source code available for use or modify .

  • Cross-functionality Ability : PHP is compatible with the such web servers: Apache HTTP Server for Linux/Unix and Windows and Microsoft Internet Information Server. It also works with several lesser-known servers.

  • Whitespace Insensitive :PHP's whitespace insensitivity does not mean that spaces and such never matter.