Exception Handling

1.1 Introduction to Exception Handling

An exception is any unusual condition that causes an alteration in program flow, such as a missing file or a null pointer.
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1.2 try, catch, throw, throws, finally

try is used to define a block of code in which exception can be occurred.
This block of code is also called a "Guarded region".
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1.3 Multiple catch

It was made easy to catch multiple different exceptions in the different catch block. This is also known as multiple catch.
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1.4 Nested try

A try statement can be inside block of another try.
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1.5 Checked vs UnChecked Exception

Those exceptions which occur during the compile time of the program, called Checked Exception.
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1.6 Creating Own Exception

Create a class and inherit that class with Exception class and override getMessage() and toString() methods.
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1.7 Examples

Here are some examples for the Exception Handling.