HTML 5 Tags

Tag Explanation
<a> </a> Anchor or link
<abbr> </abbr> Abbreviation
<address> </address> Address or authors of the document
<area > Client-side image map
<article></article> Article
<aside></aside> Tangential content
<audio></audio> Audio stream
<b> </b> Bold
<base> Base URI paths for elements in the document
<bdo> </bdo> Bi-directional algorithm
<blockquote> </blockquote> Long quotation
<body> </body> Body of the page
<br> Line break
<button> </button> HTML form button
<canvas></canvas> Canvas for dynamic graphics
<!-- --> Comment
<caption> </caption> Table caption
<cite> </cite> Citation
<code> </code> Code reference
<col> Table column
<colgroup> </colgroup> Table column grouping
<command> Command or action on the page
<!doctype> Document type definition
<datagrid></datagrid> Data grid
<datalist></datalist> Predefined options for other controls
<dd> </dd> Definition list description or span of discourse
<del> </del> Deleted text
<details></details> Additional on-demand information
<dfn> </dfn> Definition
<dialog></dialog> Conversation
<div> </div> Logical division
<dl> </dl> Description list
<dt> </dt> Definition list term or dialog speaker
<em> </em> Emphasis
<embed> Embedded element for plugins
<fieldset> </fieldset> Form controls group
<figure></figure> Figure with optional caption
<footer></footer> Footer of the page
<form> </form> Form
<h1> </h1> First level headline
<h2> </h2> Second level headline
<h3> </h3> Third level headline
<h4> </h4> Fourth level headline
<h5> </h5> Fifth level headline
<h6> </h6> Sixth level headline
<head> </head> Head of the document
<header></header> Header of a page
<hgroup></hgroup> Heading group
<hr> Horizontal rule
<html> </html> Root element of a Web page
<i> </i> Italics text style
<iframe> </iframe> Inline frame
<img> Image
<input> Input form element
<input type="button"> Button form element
<input type="checkbox"> Checkbox form element
<input type="color"> Color input
<input type="date"> Date input
<input type="datetime"> Global date and time input
<input type="datetime-local"> Local date and time input
<input type="email"> Email address input
<input type="file"> File upload form element
<input type="hidden"> Hidden form field element
<input type="image"> Image form element
<input type="month"> Year and month input
<input type="number"> Number input
<input type="password"> Password form element
<input type="radio"> Radio button form element
<input type="range"> Imprecise number input
<input type="reset"> Reset button form element
<input type="search"> Search field
<input type="submit"> Submit button form element
<input type="tel"> Telephone number input
<input type="text"> Text field form element
<input type="time"> Time input
<input type="url"> URL input
<input type="week"> Year and week input
<ins> </ins> Inserted text
<kbd> </kbd> Text to be entered by the user
<keygen> Generate secure keys for certificate management
<label> </label> Form label
<legend> </legend> Form fieldset caption
<li> </li> List item
<link> Link to related documents
<map> </map> Client-side image map
<mark></mark> Marked or highlighted text
<menu> </menu> List of commands
<meta> Meta information about the document
<meter></meter> Scalar gauge
<noscript> </noscript> Content when scripts aren't available
<object> </object> Non-standard object
<ol> </ol> Ordered or numbered list
<optgroup> </optgroup> Group of options in a select list
<option> </option> Option in a select list
<output></output> Result of a form calculation
<p> </p> Paragraph
<param> Parameter of an object element
<pre> </pre> Pre-formatted text
<progress></progress> Progress indicator
<q> </q> Short inline quotation
<rp></rp> Ruby parenthesis
<rt></rt> Ruby text
<ruby></ruby> Ruby annotation
<s> </s> Strikeout text
<samp> </samp> Sample output
<script> </script> Scripts
<section></section> Section of a page
<select> </select> Select or drop-down menu lists
<small> </small> Small font size
<source> Media source
<span> </span> Generic inline style container
<strong> </strong> Strong emphasis
<style> </style> Style sheets
<sub> </sub> Subscript
<summary> </summary> Summary of the DETAILS element contents
<sup> </sup> Superscript
<table> </table> Table
<tbody> </tbody> Table body rows
<td> </td> Table cell
<textarea> </textarea> Multi-line form element
<tfoot> </tfoot> Table footer rows
<th> </th> Table header cell
<thead> </thead> Table header rows
<title> </title> Title
<tr> </tr> Table row
<ul> </ul> Unordered or buletted list
<var> </var> Variable or user defined text
<video> </video> Video or movie embedded in page