Servlet in JDeveloper

Step-1:- Open Oracle Jdeveloper by double clicking on the Jdeveloper icon from desktop or from Start menu.
Jdeveloper setup

Step-2:- Create a new Application and Project by using + sign and Right Click on Project.
click on project

Step-3:- Select Web Tire and select Servlet then Select the version of servlet.
Servlet versions

Servlet versions next

Step-4 Provide servlet information like class/packages an also provide the implementation methods like doGet() /doPost() etc.
Implementation methods

Give the mapping information of a servlet and its URL pattern with the implementation methods. Click on OK to proceed.
URL pattern in Implementation methods

Step6:- has been created under project and one more folder called Web-content has been created. In Web-content,one more folder called WEB-INF and a web.xml has been created. This web.xml use for the mapping.
java file